WCH-MCU-DL driver: if your have installed WCHISPTOOL ,Please ignore.


Driver link:CH372DRV.EXE - NanjingQinhengMicroelectronics (wch-ic.com)

Soft pack:

WCH-MCU-DL-V2.90.zip: WCH-MCU-DL based on CH32V208

WCH-MCU-DL-V1.99.zip: WCH-MCU-DL based on CH32F103

User Manual:

WCH-MCU-DL User Manual.pdf: WCH-MCU-DL based on CH32F103

WCH-MCU-DL User Manual-EN.pdf:WCH-MCU-DL based on CH32V208

WCH-MCU-DL fix Rolling Code .pdf:a example of CH579

128B_data_AA.zip:128 Byte all 0xAA bin file that can be used for rolling coding


The offline programmer is an offline programmer used for batch upgrades of WCH series chips. it does not reply on computers.it is used in mass production and is not a debugging tool.


The offline programmer has two volaages:3.3V and 5V.The external power supply is determined by the chip

holder. For example:the ch57x holder is directly connnected to the VDD_3.3 pin of the chip,and the offline writer

selects 3.3V;For the CH55X/CH54X series ,the writer output voltage selects 5v.

Note 2:

The current factory programmer version (3.3V/5V) only support CH32Vxxx series chips(v2420v).If you need to use a programmer to program ch32Fxxx series chip,you need to upgrade the programmer firmware(V2420F)

Note 3:

The WCH-MCU-DL be designed of CH32V208 support V003 series chip programing.And the programmer support all series chip.

Note 4:

The WCH-MCU-DL need to dirtectly connnect chip when download program by usart/USB/SWD.USB port can not connect chip by HUB when download program.

The file of Soft pack:

  1. [DIPubTool_N_Vx.xx.exe] Generate datakey file

  2. [McuUpdTool.exe] download datakey file to WCH-MCU-DL

  3. [WCH55xISPDLL.dll] soft pack running environment(not operating)

  4. V2420V version WCH-MCU-DL fireware

Note:V1.81 version generate datakey file is 600KB, not compatible 500KB datakey file.

Program procedure:


Picture of offline programmer :


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[Technical Support:qys@wch.cn]