Question about SPI0_CK_SE register for CH552

The datasheet is not very clear about the Clock Division Reg for SPI Master mode,

Suppose i am using fSys= 24MHz

SPI0_CK_SE = 0x10 -> should give a SCK of 1.5MHz correct?

SPI0_CK_SE = 0x20 then 750kHz


What will happen for SPI0_CK_SE=0; Do I get a SCK of 24MHz/ 256?

I am asking because i have no hardware ready right now to check the divider.

Another Questtion:

Do i need to activate PUSH/PULL config for the outputs or is it sufficient just to set the OE bits



For ch551/552/554 SPI0_CK_SE = 0, actually SCK clock = fsys/256;

The initial of GPIOs are strongly recommended, when initializing the SPI.

to add some extra information about SPI0_CK_SE: 

SPI0_CK_SE = 1; will stop the spi function completely.